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I am Martino Gatteschi : representative of the industrial sector and of the processing of raw materials .

But before leaving you to the products, equipment and machines, I would like to quickly share with you those fundamental principles which underlie my daily actions, which constantly inspire my collaboration with the companies I represent and with the customers who choose me again every day.

- Passion . It's the first thing, always. The enthusiasm and love for my work are what drives me from morning to evening to seek the best solutions available for my clients.

- Professionalism . Because passion alone is not enough. You need competence, efficiency, experience: in a word, in fact, professionalism. The one in which the most prestigious brands and customers operating at various levels of the sector have continued to show me their trust for over 10 years.

- Honesty . An ancient word, perhaps, but in which I believe a lot. Operating with the utmost transparency and with the utmost seriousness is a matter of honor for me. Maybe I come from a land where people still teach that your word is like a written contract .

- Impartiality . For me it simply means treating the small artisan customer in the same way as the large multinational company, this to ensure that everyone finds an answer to his specific need, without discrimination or favoritism.

- Personal responsibility . A commitment made is a commitment kept. I know that customers ask me for services, solutions and products that are vital to their daily work and not excuses.

- Teamwork . Because you can't go anywhere alone . For me it is not just about 'selling something to someone', but about creating a profitable collaboration between brands and end customers, providing everyone with what they need to do quality work, optimize results , transforming costs into investments , becoming increasingly competitive on the market. Only in this way, all together, can the tough challenges of the contemporary world of work be overcome.

However, these principles would be useless if I did not listen above all to you . Only you, in fact, really know what you need to achieve your goal from time to time. I will endeavor to find the solution that best suits your every need. Sara Monaldi Collaboratrice Aziendale - (+39) 347.1929072

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