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Siliconi PK - a product, 7 functions

Silicones PK is a product for professional use, very suitable for the removal, rust, and for the lubrication and protection of various metal components. Its main strengths are as follows:

Lubricates moving parts
Penetrates and removes rust, unlocks nuts, screws, bolts
Protects against corrosion
Idroespellente, protects the treated parts from humidity
Dielectric protects and deoxide treated parts
Antifreeze prevents the formation of ice from the treated parts
Cleaner eliminates dirt

In addition, the PK product is made in respect of the environment as it contains raw materials derived from renewable sources, and the implementation processes are powered by 80% from zero impact energy sources!
To find out more, you can download the information leaflet available by clicking on the following link:

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