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Lorch - direct access to the special synergic lines

From now on direct access to the special synergic lines
The process for the availability of special synergic lines has been significantly simplified for you.
Benefit from easy access and be able to act quickly:

1 - The synergic lines which are available free of charge are available for direct download. Download now.
2 - Your responsible sales person can access quickly chargeable programs.
3 - You benefit from a standardised pricing system.

You can find the complete process here. All files incl. price list are available in the new section "Special synergic lines" of the MyLorch downloads.
Please note: The links only work after logging into MyLorch.

Eisen-Trabandt mobile application centre in operation
The mobile application centre of Eisen Trabandt has been handed over at the end of july and is now in operation in the Stade area near Hamburg. With a Cobot Welding Package and various Lorch systems on board the customers get a close look and experience Lorch at their doorstep. We wish a lot of success and thank Mr. Trabandt for the great idea and extraordinary investment in our joint market presence!

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