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Bystronic Xpert Pro: bending technology for all needs

With the Xpert Pro, Bystronic presents a new high-end press brake, which the customer can use. modular to your needs. The new model of the Xpert series satisfies this way; the most high requirements in terms of speed à of process and flexibility.

In the automotive industry the modular structure is; long established. Manufacturers offer a model in different versions and offer a wide range of optional features. In the development of the new Xpert Pro , Bystronic is; inspired by this principle: Customers can choose between three press brake designs and equip them individually with accessories.

Customizable configuration : Depending on the range of applications, the Xpert Pro offers a bending force of 100 to 320 tons spread over bending lengths of 3 or 4 meters. At this time a selection of different additional functions is added.

The three versions of Xpert Pro address a wide variety of products. of operators: The basic model Classic Edition & egrave; ideal for workshops with small quantities; of production or for prototype builders. With the Performance Edition medium-sized companies can produce more series; large quickly and reliably. Anyone who needs a speed; even greater to efficiently manage batches of 1000 pieces or more, you can; use the Dynamic Edition with a speed of bending up to 25 mm per second.

Most flexibility for greater freedom in the folding

The bending strength of Xpert Pro can also be achieved. be individually adapted to different needs. The range varies from 100 to 320 tons . In this way it is; it is possible to bend sheets with a thickness up to 15 mm without problems. The bending length can be be 3 or 4 meters . If larger dimensions are required, for extra-long pieces, two tandem machines can be connected.

Thanks to the modular concept, the press brake can; be adapted in a very specific way to production needs, and here Bystronic takes a step ahead of car manufacturers: if the requirements change, the configuration can; be flexibly adapted . The replacement of individual modules such as the rear reference is not; a problem and all the accessories can easily be readapted.

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