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Becchetti: From forge and hammer to online welding

Becchetti, an historic protagonist in the construction of industrial vehicles in Italy, has bet on hi-tech welding branded Lorch.
Becchetti Mechanical Construction from Spello has a long story behind it. Born before the war, it grew up in the ruins of the postwar period, when it converted the American military vehicles abandoned in Italy into the first Becchetti-branded dumper industrial vehicles. At the time it was a matter of moving the earth, the sand and the gravel that were used to rebuild the country. In the seventies the company had dozens of employees. Over the years, different generations have been running Becchetti and have met new market requirements. The company has progressively expanded its horizons, also in response to the 2008 crisis, but it has always remained firmly rooted in its original core business: Becchetti’s industrial vehicles. Today it’s up to the fourth generation to pull the strings of the family business. Alberto Becchetti is on the front line: he’s got a great tradition behind him and maybe that’s why he can decisively look forward.
During the quarantine we have reached Alberto by phone and asked him about his technological and strategic collaboration with Lorch in the welding sector. A fleet of about thirty MicorMig welding machines, purchased in two tranches between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.
The encounter with Lorch was not casual; it has also been the result of a well consolidated teamwork that involves , local agency, Paolo Repetto, technical and commercial director of Lorch Italia and TPC Group, local master distributor area. As Lorch is not only high level technology, but also human and after-sales support, able to ensure a constant monitoring of its products and services’ quality.
The renewal of the machinery was obvious", said Alberto about his MicorMig, “but that’s not the point. It was about the willingness to meet two basic requirements: reducing costs and at the same time increasing the quality of our production processes”. As saving is twofold: there is a direct saving on consumption and an indirect one, due to the improvement of the welding process enabled by the hi-tech characteristics of MicorMig.
First it’s about being faster.As Repetto explained (again on the phone!), MicorMig’s SpeedArc technology perfectly meets this need because it enables a high-speed large deposit of material, with an obvious time-saving, a better sealing of the welding, less thermal deformations and a higher aesthetic result of the cord. And Alberto confirmed: “We work thicknesses ranging from 1 to 15 mm; the welding adjustment is precise and accurate on the whole range, the cord is clean and well dimensioned, without heating too much... it’s a welding quality that can be soon certified in case our market would require it”.
Then it’s about optimising the production processes. Here the MicorMig Speedup patent comes to the rescue. This technology enables vertical-up weldings without using the “Christmas tree” technique, that consists in slowly ascending and making overlapping triangular passages (from which the fir shape).Thanks to Speedup the welding is made rising linearly and quickly from the bottom to the top, automatically alternating warm and cold phases.”In this way”, added Repetto, “there is a time-saving in the welding phase: you don’t need to use the welder specialized in tree-based technique, that is not always immediately accessible in-house, and you don’t waste time in moving the piece -that is not always easy! You just need to overturn it and handle the vertical up welding as if it was a normal vertical down welding. And you know, time is money”.
Repetto also told us that during the purchase phase, thanks to the possibility to try Speedup on some lifting arms that were being mounted at Becchetti’s, Alberto was convinced to invest immediately on a fleet of MicorMig already configured with the Speedup instead of making do with the basic version, postponing its implementation to a future upgrade of the machines.
Indeed the configurability for subsequent levels of Lorch welding machines is certainly a remarkable characteristic. “I soon liked the fact that MicorMigs are configurable step by step”, continued Alberto. “These welding machines are real PCs with programs that can be activated according to production needs... ; currently my welding machines do not have pulsed arc, but in case I needed it, I could open the level tomorrow morning… . In short Lorch gives me the opportunity to make an investment highly focused on my needs of the moment, but that does not bind me at all for the future: if the market changes, if I have to change production, I don’t have to give it all away and start again. I can simply activate the functions I need directly on my machines”.
MicorMig great versatility is made possible by the NFC technology (that is the credit cards one); the same that allows you to store welding programs to be transferred from machine to machine and from operator to operator, thanks to its maximum operative flexibility.
As we have already said, Alberto always thinks ahead. His next step will be to connect his MicorMig to the Lorch cloud. “For sure the cloud has great potential”, said Alberto. “Becchetti mainly works on industrial vehicles that are tailored to the customer needs, usually highly customised fittings … but if I need to carry out a certain number of work in series, I can connect to the server to set, store and analyse the procedures that can be used afterwards”. Every phase is kept under control in real time: costs and calculations on wire, gas and hours of use. The whole welding setting is basically online.

Saying goodbye to Alberto, we inevitably talk about the current health emergency. “Fortunately, we have never stopped working, as we are not linked to the construction sector. We are proceeding at reduced rate and with all the proper precautions. We have just invested in welding machines, aiming with our usual determination at quality and relationship with customers in order to increase our numbers. We must consider this crisis both as a challenge and a stimulus: we surely want to be an active part in the Italian economic take-off thanks to our long experience... . At the beginning, in the post-war period, Becchetti was just a forge and two hammers; today it’s not only state-of-the-art technology like Lorch’s one, but also and mainly a matter of believing in our mission and being ready for the post Covid19 phase.

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