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Reconditioning Machinery Sheet Metal Processing Bystronic

Before buying any used item, be it of nature electronic, mechanical or any other kind, it is always advisable to check the reconditioning process , that is, the set of activities in order conform to the conditions as close as possible to a product just came from the factory.
The machinery for metalworking do not always have an easy life in the enterprise, just think of the many activities that are required to perform, the amount of work they do every day and the way in which they are often used.
Ricondizionamento Laser Usato
It is for these reasons that careful analysis of machinery, from the early stages of intervention, it is essential . Our technicians specialize in the repair and restoration of used machinery, and our group has a Know-how thirty years in the management of these facilities.
A first example we want to show you is the reconditioning of a laser cutting machine .
The used laser cutting arrives in our warehouse and is discharged to the ground with an overhead crane. Our technicians pay close attention in order to preserve the conditions by placing it on a suitable and sufficiently resistant.
After that the laser is subjected to a before assessment adapted to identify immediately the quantity and type of spare parts required. In general, the spare parts, always original, are mostly composed of bellows, guide plastic, glass caps, work plan or anything like that, but sometimes the service is even deeper.
Ricondizionamento Laser Usato
After that the laser is removed , its electrical components are carefully re-checked and the cables and plugs are replaced and cleaned if necessary.
After excluding the electrical system the machine is cleaned manually by specific degreasers. Any dents on the side doors or other components, if they are not too deep, are repaired. In the case where the component is too damaged it proceeds to its complete replacement with an original piece.

If the machinery boast a high number of hours of service may be required revision or even replacement of the resonator, commonly kimono laser source . The latter represents the heart of the laser, the starting point to obtain a perfect workmanship, a precise and accurate cutting. And 'from this point that everything, so it is a very delicate operation that must be carried out only by qualified and sufficiently trained. Each brand is different, so it is necessary that the training of the technician who performs the work is targeted to that specific product . Our technicians regularly participate in various training courses, their degree of readiness is our hallmark.
Ricondizionamento Laser Usato
After that the laser is prepared for painting . This process is not only aesthetic, but also plays a protective role for the metal treated . At the conclusion of this phase, the components of the support structure, and various other details have regained their original beauty. The colors used and the type of paint correspond exactly to the specifications given by the parent. As we can see in the images below our technicians are able to bring the machinery used to condition technical and aesthetic equal to the product when leaving the factory.
Ricondizionamento Laser Usato
Once repainted the laser is ready to be re-assembled . Retracing the reverse each component is repositioned. Even the original stickers and labels are restored or replaced, no detail is overlooked! Now the machine is again complete in all its parts, ready for testing at the end of work. The technician now test the operation of the machine by running tests to verify the various processes.
Once this phase of the laser used is ready to begin a new life . Its capabilities are back to being the original, the customer who will buy it will be satisfied because the product will be comparable to the new, at a cost of course much reduced!

The customer who purchases a cutting laser used by our group can also benefit from a service transport and installation, and an initial course for the programming of the machine, of variable duration depending on the needs . A satisfied customer is a primary goal for us to reach, a source of pride and a source of pride in a difficult and highly technological sector as that of machinery for metalworking.

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Ricondizionamento Laser Usato

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