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Sheet metal processing machines online

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Martino Gatteschi Macchine LamieraI'm Martin Gatteschi : welcome TO my site dedicated TO ALL those who live AND WORK IN the world OF sheet metal working.

But before I leave you TO the products , equipment AND machinery that you will find here , I'd like to quickly share with you the fundamental principles that are the basis of my daily work , and constantly inspire my collaboration with the companies I represent , and with clients who I choose new every day .

PassionePassion. is the first thing , always. The enthusiasm and love for my work are what drives me from morning to night in search of the best available solutions for my clients .

Passione Professionalism. Because the passion alone is not enough . It takes skills, efficiency, experience: in a word , of course, professionalism. One for which the most prestigious brands and customers from the most varied levels of the industry continue to show me confidence for over 10 years .

Passione Honesty. An ancient word , perhaps, but I believe a lot. Operate in full transparency and with the utmost seriousness for me is a matter of honor. Maybe because I come from a land where people still teaches that the word counts as a written contract.

Passione Impartiality. to me it simply means treating the small customer craftsman in the same manner as the large multinational company , so that everyone can find answer to your specific needs , without discrimination or favoritism .

Passione Personal responsibility. a commitment made is a commitment kept . I know that the clients ask me services, solutions and products vital to their daily work and do not make excuses .

Passione Teamwork. Why do not you go alone anywhere. For me it is not just ' sell something TO someone ' , but to create a fruitful collaboration between brands and end users by providing everyone what they need to do a quality job , optimize results , process costs in investment, become more and more competitive on the market. Only in this way , together, we can win the tough challenges of the contemporary business world .

These principles would be useless , however, if not listened especially you. Only you , in fact , you know what you really need to center each time your goal . I will listen without the presumption of those who say "I know what you need" . Try to ask you what you need, I will seek to find the most suitable solution to your every need.
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