Cresci Rimorchi Choose Bystronic Xpert 100-3100

"From this level there is no going back! "

Cresci Rimorchi, an Italian leader in trailers production, chooses the versatility and precision of the new press brake Bystronic Xpert 100/3100.

The story of Cresci Rimorchi goes back a long away. In 1961, the Cresci brothers opened a simple body shop for vehicles repair. Then, in 1978, they started with the construction of the first trailers. Craft creativity and hard work brought immediate results: the production grows exponentially, their models multiply and sales network expands at national level.

Today, after almost forty years of continuous development, with a factory of more than 20,000 square meters, the company is leader in Italy in the production of trailers, with 30% of the domestic market and a constantly growing projection on the European market.

Their meticulous research on the quality of the finished product -ranging from animals transport, car, motorbike and boat transport- has remained the same over the years as a real distinctive sign in global competition.

For this reason, Cresci Rimorchi has always been mindful of the latest industrial technologies. So in 2016 Cresci chose Bystronic to further improve their production performance during bending phase, a crucial step for the manufacture of quality trailers.

We talk to Mr. Paolo Cresci, one of the company owners, almost a year later.

Mr. Paolo, you have recently expanded and renewed your machinery with a Bystronic press brake, the new Xpert 100/3100. What reasons led you to this choice?
Besides the excellent value for money, we were convinced by the actual performances of the machine: first of all, precision and work speed, together with extreme versatility of use.

Tell us better.
Our trailers are almost entirely assembled from galvanized sheet metal components: the welding is almost residual. Besides, following the craft tradition that has brought us here, we update our trailers by redrawing them and all the components, in accordance with existing standards, in order to offer our customers an ease of use and safety products - in one word: great quality. But this really requires extreme accuracy in folding processes, to avoid defects and inaccuracies during assembly phase - I repeat there is almost no welding in our trailers. The perfect bending precision is the first great production advantage that Xpert 100/3100 has actually guaranteed us during last year work.

The Xpert is equipped with PR technology (Pressure-Reference) with fully automatic, dynamic crowning: this Bystronic system can have perfect bending results, offering the highest repetition accuracy of the desired bend. Can you tell us how does it work from the point of view of the operator?
In other words: once he gave the bend sample, the machine repeats the bend adapting to the actual thickness of the sheet metal, varying the pressure throughout the bending process, taking into account the real geometry of the piece (cuts, edges, slots ... ). All in a completely automatic way. It speeds up and simplifies the work of the operator. Even the speed of the Xpert equipment helps us: we are a small company and deliveries are very important, we have to be very flexible in switching from one bend to another... we even change equipment four times in an hour! In this regard, Xpert is very manageable and easy to use even for non-expert operators. Downtimes for the machine setup are practically cancelled.

Accuracy, speed, versatility and ease of use are then the most appreciated qualities of Bystronic Xpert in the experience of Cresci Rimorchi.

The Xpert 100/3100 is equipped with the new ByVision Bending control, featuring a full HD 22-inch touch screen, ByMotion electronics, and Fast Bend G2 operator safety system. In summary: a lot of on-board technology. What do you think about it?
I think that these technologies speed up and simplify the work process, in total safety. The touch screen control is really intuitive, easy to use, even for beginners: you basically draw the piece with your finger on the screen and you can start! This means that we can save more time and money. In this regard, I would like to emphasize the importance of remote technical support and Bystronic’s after-sales service, which are very important factors as the quality of the machine itself. Our company greatly appreciates the advantage of receiving a real-time diagnostic via internet, without having to wait for a technician; we can directly solve many problems with our operators by following Bystronic's instructions; we don't have to stay for many days with the machine out of work. I think Bystronic’s after-sales service is just part of its core business, next to manufacturing machines. And I think it's a right choice: after-sales service and customer attention are also central for us, to satisfy who buys our trailers.

Last question Mr. Paolo. Which are future prospects for the new cooperation started between Cresci Rimorchi and Bystronic?
We have been building trailers for almost forty years and we want to continue doing it at best. I can certainly say that we will not go back from Bystronic Xpert's production performance and quality of work.

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